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“YOU & I” feat. Chris Harms

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“Bad God”


Rain Diary is a Finnish rock band that plays beautiful and twisted dark wave tunes. The band bears its roots in Finnish melancholy, the scenery of evergreen forests, nightless nights, and snow-covered wilderness, though the band constantly breaks this easily labeled “Finnish stereotype“ by breathing in something new. Rain Diary injects an urban feel with the drumming electronics and clever pop elements making the band a must-see for people who seek a snowy heaven from the world’s dark chaos. Rain Diary’s music genre has been labeled as “winterwave”.

Joonas Verho – Vocals
Tytti Kallioniemi – Keyboard, Synths, Vocals
Joni Bitter – Guitar, Bass, Programming
Teemu Rantanen – Guitar
Lauri Kujasalo – Drums, Percussion


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